Who are we?

Chika10 began its journey more than a decade ago, with immovable premises, its passion for design and fashion; build a story and be a benchmark in the footwear sector. In recent years, Chika10 has managed to position itself as one of the main brands of its segment in Spain thanks to finding that difficult balance between QUALITY-PRICE-MODA.

Mission and Inspiration

Today we feel stronger than ever; after a great shoot, we know the profile of woman to approach and we want to reach, we have defined styles and adapted our products to all of them, finally creating a signature that speaks for itself, where each woman can find her personality and identify her, where she has also known the little ones (Chika10 Kids line) and has reached the male audience (CHK10 Man), wanting to apply that growth.

«Our purpose is to bring a quality product closer to a strong, modern, independent and fighting woman profile. Cosmopolitan, to the day of trends and social networks, which loves its image and invests in it, without ever losing the search for comfort and well-being».


We are a company committed to tradition, production, sustainability and corporate honesty. Each of our models is designed and designed by a young and dynamic team, formed in the foundations of the Mediterranean tradition and all the added value that Spanish production brings it. Care for the environment and sustainable production make our product look for that innovative point that tries to eliminate the use of harmful products and also prioritizes consumer health.

Thank you for trusting Chika10! We look forward to passing on all our values and inspiration, you are part of the team.

Will you join us?